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Baltimore's FAVORITE News Team(Station)

ID: WJZ TV 13 Baltimore; Digital: 38
Newscast:WJZ Eyewitness News
Ownership: CBS Mass Media/Viacom (WCBS New York, KYW Philiadelphia, KDKA Pittsburgh)
News Director:Gail Benning
Address:3725 Malden Ave, Baltimore MD 21211

Newscasts: 5:00am-6:00am(WJZ Eyewitness News Rise and Shine),6:00am-8:00am(WJZ Eyewitness News Morning Edition),12:00pm-12:25pm(WJZ Eyewitness News at Noon),5:00pm-6:00pm(WJZ Eyewitness News at Five),6:00pm-7:00pm(WJZ Eyewitness News at six),11:00pm-11:35pm(WJZ Eyewitness News at Eleven)

Theme: Chroma Cues, Bruce Upchurch

Former Newscast Tittles: Channel 13 News (1960-1972)

10 year  Time Line:
1996-Switched to CBS

WJZ 13 Today: 1st or 2nd place in Ratings.